I'm a technologist, speaker and teacher.
Recently I ran a small consultancy called
Buckley Williams

Recently I co-ran a product design studio called Buckley Williams with my business partner Dan.

Prior to starting Buckley Williams I ran my own freelance business. My clients included Caper (with whom I worked on commissions for the BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and other institutions), Lighthouse, Storythings (with whom I worked on a project for Diesel), Artangel and the Guardian.

I have spoken at conferences, including Scottish Ruby Conf, JS Conf EU, Nordic Ruby and Future Everything.

I teach coding using web technologies, and help designers learn new techniques and coach them to formulate ideas. I ran workshops for undergraduate students at Goldsmiths, UCA Epsom, and for MA students at the LCC and at Hyper Island.

Please use singular they pronoun (they/them/their) when speaking about me in the third person.