Offbott (your mostly-friendly office bot) is a tool for collecting thoughts and insights that often get lost when working on long term projects. I have worked on it with James Bridle.

While there’s a plethora of tools for organising, planning and managing teams and processes, there aren’t many successful ones for capturing these processes as they happen, or for reflecting upon them once they’re over. Offbott tries to be that tool.

Once a day, the Offbott will email you to ask you how you’re doing. You don’t know when the email will come in. By prompting you out of the blue it tries to catch you slightly off guard, so you record the first thing that comes into your head. There is no set reply format. You’re free to tell it about your whole day, the last five minutes, or your plans for later. You may choose not to reply at all.

It then gathers updates from all team members on the project into a timeline of thoughts, a kind of reflective Twitter for offices.

The team at Lighthouse have been using it since we introduced it.

Offbott was made during Happenstance residency. It's written in Ruby, using Rails, and you can find the repository on Github.

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