Stop breaking the web


Building websites that render markup on the client is fine, because we’ve arrived at the glorious future: JavaScript is available on all of the devices by default, and nobody disables it on purpose. Isn’t it time to make the most of it and forget about server-rendered markup?

I don’t think it is, and in this talk I will unpick the reasons why. Just because most devices are capable of executing JavaScript doesn’t always mean they always can, and not because an imaginary army of contrarians disables it by choice. Expecting JS to be always present and always executable can result in sites that to many are broken by default. There are many scenarios which make client-rendered markup a terrible choice, but also many which will require it. I will try to convince you to use your judgement and experience to decide which path is right for your project, and to understand why.

I gave this talk at ColdFront Conf in 2014.

The video of the talk is available on ColdFront's website.