When I started writing weeknotes in (checks notes) January 2019 I wanted to find a relaxed writing voice that was less dry than my style at the time. My hero was (and still is) Matt Levine, who makes every one of his newsletters sound like he’s telling you a story over one too many old fashioneds.

I managed to keep it up for 121 editions. This doesn’t neatly map onto weeks because from time to time I have to rebel even against the things I normally enjoy and give myself a break. I learned that it’s not like every week brings things worth writing about. It’s more that the commitment to doing it means you have to develop a discipline of squeezing something to write about out of the most mundane moments. Out of sheer boredom. Out of nothing. And that can be fun.

But I no longer need this commitment to weekly writing in public to unblock how I write. So I’m no longer writing weeknotes. I’m reevaluating a lot about my life at the moment and how I spend my time is one of those things. I need more of it to spend with my guitars.

It’s been pretty fun. For the most part it felt like howling into the void, but occasionally someone would message or email me to chat about something I’d written. That was pretty cool. I got the most emails in response to being called Jeff. Not sure what exactly this says about my audience.

Pals: if you want to keep up with all the funny and sad stuff happening in my life from now on you’re going to have to email, call me on the phone or hang out. It will be way better, I promise.